Privacy Policy

Republic of Ireland

Protecting Your Personal Information: Your Rights, Our Responsibilities

Last updated: 10/01/2021

Aughney Designs is all about making things easier and engaging for users. Privacy policies are hard to make fun but we’ve done our best at simplification. Like all companies, we process customer information. Aughney Designs collects, uses and stores information about users of our websites and attendees at our conferences. This means that we process your personal data or information and it is your right to know how we use this information.

What can you ask us for?

  • How we use your information
  • Who we pass it to
  • For a copy of the information we, hold on you
  • To correct it if the information is wrong
  • To erase the information we hold on you

As an organisation we will:

  • Not allow the information to be used or seen by anyone who should not see it
  • Give you a copy of your personal information if you ask for it within 1 month of verifying your request

Why do we collect personal information about you?

We collect information to allow us to carry out the work of Aughney Designs delivering business development solutions. We never sell your information! Collection falls into a number of categories:

Legal Requirements

  • We will use your information for our own internal record keeping


  • Like any good design company, we review website statistics to validate our marketing / copy and design experiments. By tracking the number of hits, page movements through the site, site re-visits, referral links and other analytical metrics we are able to determine the success of our experiments and improve our offering to you.
  • We deliver or display content that matches your professional interests and responsibilities
  • We review marketing success and failures in order to understand and validate the benefit offering of our services.
  • We conduct primary research to identify people who would benefit from our services.

What sort of information do we keep?

  • Your name and contact details
  • Communications that we have sent or received
  • Website usage analytics

What is non-accessible information?

We will be completely open about the information we keep on you, but there are certain limits to what we can legally give you access to. For example, we will not give you information:

  • About other people or businesses
  • That needs the permission of the person(s) who gave it to us before we can pass it on to you
  • That may cause harm to you, your business or another person and their business, if we gave the information to you

We will inform you if there is any information that we cannot share with you.


Abiding by the following laws:

  • GDPR┬áin the EU

Refunds & Exchanges

Unfortunately I do not offer refunds or exchanges on my purchased prints, website design or social media packages. If however, you are dissatisfied with your purchase, I will do my very best to rectify the issue for you. Please contact me at hello@niamhaughney.com

Damaged Prints
Please inspect your print once you receive it and contact me immediately if it is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that I can evaluate the issue.